"Hand made barbie bed"

ยฅ Tools:
- shoe box
- hard paper
- fabrics of different colors
- small pillows which usually comes with watches
- glue
- beads
- oil paint

ยฅ Method:
- cover the shoe box with fabric and glue it on.
- cut out a piece of hard paper to make the back of the bed and cover that with the same fabric.
- glue the back of the bed to the shoe box.
- glue 4 beads at the bottom of the bed from the four corners to make the bed rise a bit.
- paint the pillows with oil paint ( they usually come in plain white but if you have colored ones no need for this step)
- cut out an appropriate piece of another fabric to make a cover for the bed.
- you can also use some beads to decorate the back of the bed.

HAVE FUN โ˜บ๏ธ